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Grant Cardone and Urijah Faber

In this Show

On Power Players, Grant Cardone speaks with people who are in power or moving into power. These people are willing to share their time to help give tips and insights to help you on your road to success.

Today he is speaking with Urijah Faber, a 35-year old who is ranked #2 in the world in the UFC. He has always been a passionate and charismatic leader with a dedication to his work ethic.

Even as a kid he was told he was a leader, and his parents pushed him to take a positive path, leading others to become better. His siblings have been through intense, life-changing experiences that have helped to keep him humble.

When he was younger he made $5,000 from a fight at TKO Canada and thought he had hit it big. Now the top-notch guys are getting a couple million per fight.

Passion + Work Ethic + Belief in Oneself = Urijah Faber

Check out the full episode to hear the awesome conversation between Grant and Urijah.

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