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Grant Cardone and Trevor Crane

In this Show

Grant sits down with Trevor Crane, the host of “Greatness Quest” which is now on Whatever It Takes Network! They discuss Trevor’s Midwestern origin through his interesting childhood dealing with a biological father who loved him and a drunken step-father who both taught him about life and the pursuit of your goals.

Trevor thought school was the key to success. He did his best in high school and was given an academic scholarship, which he took on to business school. He received his degree, but admits his most valuable lessons were learned after graduation through real world hardships, such as his business’ bankruptcy.

Some Tips From Trevor:
1. Maximize the opportunities you have; don’t take a second job.
2. Rich people employ others to help them grow their business exponentially
3. Take full responsibility of your actions

With a strong belief in mentorship, Trevor has hired many people to help him throughout his years in business. Now he is a mentor to others, helping them understand that improving the value you add causes people to love to give you money.

Check out Greatness Quest with new shows airing weekly!

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