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Grant Cardone and Scott Eddy

In this Show

Scott Eddy, located in San Francisco and consults from travel to tourism. He helps people go from ‘Dinosaur to the digital mindset’. His company does from half- to a full million every year.

His father was a police officer in Fort Lauderdale and groomed him to become an officer himself. He had a very strict upbringing, had to say ‘yes sir’ and ‘no ma’am’ and would be disciplined if he did not.

When he was 18 his father died in a plane crash on duty. His view changed and knew he didn’t want to be a cop. His friend told him about a stock brokerage firm, even though he knew nothing about business. He ended up being a stockbroker for 10 years and learned how to sell anything to anyone—even though it was the salesman that everyone hates, knowing how to accomplish that sale taught him how to dominate in business.

He’s either in 150% or he isn’t in at all. He’s been diagnosed with having ADD and OCD. He’s lost everything, but when he dives into something he gets it all back. He sees those labels as gifts, not setbacks.

International, all-in, wild man has lived all over the world and busted out financially twice, but came back to be a huge success.

Watch or listen to the rest of the interview to find out how.

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