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Grant Cardone and Marco Maisano

In this Show

Every week on Power Players Grant Cardone shares with you someone who has gotten themselves, their family and their business into a place of power. Marco Maisano, from Australia, is going to blow you away with his story. He dominates the Australian marketplace.

To prove how dedicated he is to speaking with Grant, Marco Maisano was willing to do an interview at 2 AM his time, showing he has whatever it takes.

Mr. Maisano is Italian, born in Argentina, who moved to Australia as a child where he sacrificed his whole life to be a professional soccer player. This was the same legacy his whole family lived by—being a ball player. At 16 he left his parents to move to Holland to play soccer professionally and he says one thing, “There are no friends in sports.” You’re there to take someone else’s job and they are trying to take yours—it’s dog eat dog.

Sport is the biggest game of opinion: one game you are a star, the next no one knows who you are. If you take being a top-level athlete into business, business becomes easy. If you have the attitude to dominate, you will work harder which will result in success.

“In business, opinion is based on credibility.” – Marco Maisano

Watch the rest of this episode of Power Players who hear Marco Maisano’s full story and how he came to dominate his industry.

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