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Grant Cardone and Darren Hardy

In this Show

On Power Players the host, Grant Cardone, speaks with highly successful entrepreneurs, business people, authors and others that are awesome enough to share their time and wisdom with you.

Today Grant is speaking with Darren Hardy, a serial and sick entrepreneur that you can find at He’s been connected and interviewed with Steve Jobs, Richard Branson, and more. You think money and start-up; this man has dropped in on them.

“Entrepreneurship has to be up and down.” – Darren Hardy

But before that, as a kid a 23-year old, single father in Albuquerque, New Mexico raised him. His father was a coach, and he raised him in the coaching style—like boot camp. His father had 2 other children with a new woman, but that woman never accepted Darren into the family.

He attributes his highly successful life to his highly dysfunctional upbringing.

When you achieved things, the sun set on your forehead; when you didn’t, it was a cold dark place to live. As a result of that is why Darren is a high-seeking achiever. His football coach father taught him discipline, consistency, hard work, the ability to beat anyone with hard work—but it didn’t work out for his brother.

Two words can change your life: time management.

Listen to the full episode to find out what Darren Hardy has to offer you.

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