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Grant Cardone and Chase Hughes

In this Show

Every week on Power Players Grant Cardone shares with you someone who has gotten themselves, their family and their business into a place of power. Chase Hughes, the creator of Ellipses Behavioral Laboratories is talking with Grant today about how to understand body language, words, eye movement and other aspects that tell how a person really feels. These are invaluable techniques for a salesperson and will help skyrocket you into massive success.


Chase has laid out a behavioral table of elements for a more concrete understanding of human responses.

For example: Folded arms does not always mean you are shutdown

The primary focus was to teach behavior analysis to government agencies and police departments. From body language all the way down to eliciting a confession based on the colors and smells in a room. Lie detection without a lie detector; interrogation techniques without ever harming someone.
• Behavioral Profiling
• Lie-Detection
• Interrogation
• Behavioral Engineering
• Body Language

“You eat what you kill” gives you the instinctual drive to detect these indicators from people you are interacting with.

A quick take on blinking:
The average is 21 blinks per minute. You will blink less the more interested you are in a person or product, the less you will blink, all the way down to 7 blinks per minute. The more stressed you are, the more you will blink.

Just watch the person you are selling to, and watch their blinking. You don’t need to count it, but you can tell if it’s speeding up or slowing down. If it’s speeding up, you need to change the subject because you aren’t telling them about something they need.

3 things you can do to see the private thoughts of strangers:
1. Compression on the lips is a disagreement
2. A heavy computer user will tap their dominant finger when in agreement
3. Breathing into the upper chest means they are controlling how they are perceived

Watch or listen to the full episode to hear all of the other amazing tips Grant and Chase cover!

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