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Grant Cardone and Bob Castro

In this Show

Want a quick lesson in success from the successful? Tune in and take notes. You’ll feel as if you were let in on a private conversation between two business leaders and will come away with lessons you can immediately apply to your business and life. Grant Cardone interviews Bobby Castro who owns a company called Bankers Healthcare. He started with $25,000 fifteen years ago and it’s now worth $200-million.

“I don’t like competition. I want to dominate the market.” – Bob Castro

He stays close to his customers, on top of his employees, and lives a highly passionate entrepreneurial career. You have to be over the top; and you have to know why you are doing it. Are you trying to get financial rewards? Are you trying to help others?

“Be obsessed with your goals.” – Bob Castro

Bob Castro was crowned Entrepreneur of the Year in 2012 by Ernst & Young.

We have fewer people going into business for themselves now than during the Great Depression. Bob Castro thinks it is because people are complacent and have been raised to get into a secure job, be safe, and don’t take risks.

If you blame price for a lost sale:
• The customer didn’t hear the sale
• You didn’t answer their rebuttal properly
• You don’t know the product
• You aren’t sold on it yourself

Watch or listen to the full episode for all of the wisdom that comes from being in the trenches and making dreams of success a reality.

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