Grant Cardone Admits to Being Prejudice

I am prejudice.

I can’t help myself, I favor some people over others, I admit it.

I show favor to those who demonstrate great attitudes.

I am more generous to those who smile than those who don’t.

I like people who love to work more than those who don’t.

I am biased toward problem solvers more than excuse makers.

I make allowances for those who dress professionally than those who don’t.

I trust for those who speak clearly and make eye contact more than those who can’t or don’t.

I have more affinity for those who assume responsibility than those who seek to assign blame.

The color of your skin, your gender, age, sexual preference and the God you pray to do not cause me to be prejudiced against you but these other things do.

But when it comes to the attitude you display, the actions you take, the results you get in life, how you carry yourself in the world, and ultimately the condition of your life and those who you spend your time, well I must admit, I am seriously and unapologetically prejudiced.

Be the example you seek to see in others,

Grant Cardone

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