GOOGLE Doesn’t Think It’s Realistic for You to Get Wealthy

Recently I got flagged for trying to help people. Google Adwords tried to suspend my account because I’ve used too many words such as “rich”, “millions”, and “wealth”. They believe people getting rich is unrealistic and I can’t make such big claims. For too many years there have been too many scam artists with ‘get-rich-quick-schemes’ taking advantage of people so now nobody—even legitimate businesses such as mine—can use words like “get rich” and “increase your income by 100%” without the Google HAMMER coming down.

Apparently, I have to put a disclaimer on all my material saying that “results may vary“. My message is not for everyone because not everyone wants to hustle and put in the hard work to get wealthy. Not everyone is willing to do Whatever It Takes to create generational wealth. Not everyone makes a commitment to becoming a professional and even fewer treat success as their duty, obligation, and responsibility.

It’s not just Google that thinks you ever becoming rich is a fairy tale. Facebook has joined forces with Google in attempting to cut you off from my material. Facebook thinks you should be happy making $30-60K a year. Getting super rich is only reserved for Mark Zuckerberg. I can run ads saying you can make $25 an hour, but if I have the audacity to claim you can be a multi-millionaire making BIG dough, that is too unrealistic, too much big think for the average mindset. Google and Facebook won’t allow 10X Thinking and 10X Goals.

Since Google and Facebook don’t believe it’s realistic for you to get rich, here is my official disclaimer:

Look, you know I can’t guarantee anything to anyone on planet earth because there are just too many average people that will not do whatever it takes with my material. My products have worked for thousands of people before you, but it may not work for you, that’s why you have to take full responsibility for your own success. I’m here for you and want to help you, but any monetary increases you make is up to you. Most people who buy my products are very happy, and the people that actually do the things I teach are my biggest supporters. The truth is, there is nobody that can offer everyone guaranteed success in life because there are too many victims unwilling to take full responsibility for their own success.

Despite what Google and Facebook believe, I know it is possible for you to become a millionaire. Use Google and search my name. You won’t find a single scam, ripoff report, anything negative like that. Some people don’t like me, but I’ve never ripped someone off—ever. That’s not how I operate and not what I teach.

The other day I was listening to President Obama during the memorial service for the fallen Dallas Police Officers say that it’s easier for kids to get a Glock than a book. I take that as a personal challenge. I want every kid to get my new Millionaire Booklet. Get a copy for yourself, and if you went to an inner-city school—contact me because I want to get every kid in that school a copy and I’ll pick up the bill.

The truth is schools don’t teach kids how to build wealth, and it’s a shame because the skill of being able to ethically make money is the one thing that will help these kids the most.

Here are ten more things schools aren’t teaching kids:

1. You are either rich or you are poor.
2. A 40-hour workweek is for slaves; you’ll work double that for freedom.
3. Life isn’t fair and economies are even less so.
4. Success will not depend on your education—it will depend on your actions.
5. The world doesn’t care if you succeed or fail.
6. You’re owed nothing, deserve nothing and are entitled to nothing.
7. You will have to learn how to sell, no matter how much you hate it.
8. You won’t get what you deserve. You’ll get what you negotiate.
9. You don’t get paid to do what you love; you get paid to do what others won’t.
10. You will be underpaid for most of your career, until you aren’t, and then you will be paid so much you’ll know it was all worth it.

Get your Millionaire Booklet here, and again, if you have contact with inner-city schools help me get the Millionaire Booklet to the kids.

Be great,


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