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The Good, the Bad, and the Fantastic

Think about a bad service you’ve experienced. Immediately, you’re probably thinking about the DMV, cable companies, or that restaurant that always loses your order. It’s easy to think of bad services.


Now think about a good service. If you’re like me, then you draw a blank. In a society so full of bad service, anything that isn’t terrible is…good.


But you don’t want to give good service, not if the standards are so low. You want to give great service, amazing service, desirable service. You want service that makes people share it on social media and enthusiastically come back for more.


It’s easy to get excited about designing products and forget about services, but trust me, what’s easy for you isn’t good for your users. You have to make sure your services are designed for user experience just as much as your products are.


Where Service Design comes into play

The very first step to creating a truly enjoyable service is knowing who your customers are. If you’re seeing a trend in the stuff we like to talk about, you’re right. We’re all about user experience over here. Get to know your target audience, then move to step two. Research and brainstorm every point they enter into contact with your service. Service Design promotes shaping your customer’s engagements at these precise moments in time and place. It’s about making sure your customers are having great experiences at each touch point.


If each point of contact with your service is great or better, then the minimum you’ll get are customers walking away with good feelings. That’s the worst case scenario, if you can imagine. At best, you’ll have customers that are actively excited about their experience with your service. They’ll talk about. Share it. Come back. And they’ll bring their friends.


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