Being poor is not a good thing for anybody, regardless of gender.

I have been poor, and if you have been there you know—it sucks.  Personally, I don’t fault ladies for seeking out a partner with their has their financial house in order. I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again, “being a gold digger is a smart thing.  I dig for gold every day. If a person, man or woman, is unable to fund  kids, parents, dreams, health problems and the unexpected?

If a man or woman wants a family, they should get their financial house in order. The middle class and medium wage earners are getting squeezed hard at this time.  Look, there is no security or freedom created making $50K a year.

Everyone—men and women—should set a to get out of the middle class and target becoming a millionaire or even super rich.  Millionaire may be the new middle class. It’s time to get your money right.  It’s time to get your mental right.  You’ve got to feed a family, pay the rent, keep the electricity flowing. Living on planet earth is expensive and regardless of how frugal you are it takes lots of money to have choices.

If you are 20 or 60, you can and should become a millionaire.  Most people who say, “I don’t need to be rich” have given up on the idea of financial freedom. And that is the wrong think. It is vital you start thinking about money differently.  Money doesn’t care how old you are.  Money doesn’t care about your race, religion or your intention. To get money right you will need to learn how to get attention, how to communicate and  You MUST learn how to sell.  Extrovert yourself and create your own economy.  This is the simple thing all wealth creators over time have done.

Do you know what the average income earner does? They seek comfort and security and make excuses why they are unable to do what is necessary to get their money right.  They try to get a salaried job and then don’t look for other ways to supplement their income.

If you are serious about financial freedom and have a job with a salary you must also find other ways to create income.   Don’t just look for a paycheck, look for opportunity to generate new revenue.   Look for potential and opportunity.  Don’t look only for the guarantee, just a simple paycheck. If you want to create financial freedom not just comfort you have to lose your middle-class mind.

Don’t just look for a paycheck, look for opportunity. Look for potential.

If you want more gold in your life, if you want to start stacking paper, if you want to be able to give and make a difference in your community, you need dough—and lots of it. Get on Cardone University today and start my new Personal Finance course today that teach you how to blow your middle class mind and start digging for gold..

Be great,