Go for Failure

What if I told you I wanted you to go for failure? You’d say “What?!” What does it mean to go for failure? Failure is the doorway to success. A major CEO of a big company was asked once what had made his company successful. He said, “Our willingness to fail.” If you’ve never failed at anything then you are limiting the amount of success you can have. Without failure, there can be no success. You have to go for failure.

Everybody wants to be successful. How many people are ready to die? Everybody wants to go to heaven but nobody wants to die. The only way to go from where you are at to success is through failure. You have to walk through the valley of death. You have got to be willing to die folks. You have to take the risk; you have to go for it. I don’t want to be rejected by the girl, but if you want your life to be the way you want it, go for rejection and failure.

Everybody wants to go to heaven but nobody wants to die

A young man will say he doesn’t know if he could handle sales because he doesn’t know if he could handle rejection. Then being on this planet will be a problem for you because you will be rejected. Be willing to fail in a relationship, in a business, with a client, and with your dreams. If you don’t buy the lottery ticket you can’t win the lottery. There is a formula for success, and one of the requirements is that you must be willing to fail over and over again.

Success is when people set a goal, reach for it, fail along the way, stay with it, and go get it. You cannot succeed if you’re not willing to fail. The more times you fail the closer you get to success. That’s why you should keep statistics on your failures and your wins. You will know how many times you need to do this to get success. How many times do you have to call on a person to get success? How many times do you need to try and ski to get success?

You cannot succeed if you’re not willing to fail

You’ll never learn how to use chopsticks as long as there are a fork and knife next to you. As long as there is a fork there, you haven’t committed to the chopsticks. If the first time it gets tough and you fall on your face, you’ll turn back to what you know. All highly successful people have committed totally and were willing to fail. How many stories do you know of people willing to fail? How many times have you failed on this planet? You fell off a bike and you got back up.

Change your head about failure—it is a good thing. Great people are willing to fail. It is admirable to fail. Fail more, not less. Failure is the doorway to your success. If you start failing 100% more than you do now you’ll get 10,000 X the success you have. Get on my newest program Playbook to Millions today and I’ll teach you more keys to success. Don’t fail to take advantage of this opportunity.

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