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Harish Rao is a well established figure on Curacao, a Dutch Caribbean island, and has many accomplishments under his belt.

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His latest initiative is Partem Education where he wants to teach people and companies to reach their full potential. 

Creating his own vision changed his life and he now wants to create a more inspired and purpose driven culture around him. Through his vision “Enabling outstanding people, products and services” he now has his mind set on changing the world!

Originally born and raised in India, Harish came to Curacao in the late 1990’s with his wife Poornima to look for success.

In 2001 he founded Rao & Co. which was renamed as Abaque Financial Solutions. Now, he is the CEO of Abaque group which includes the three companies: Abaque Financial Solutions, Seguros Muskus (general Agent for New India Assurance) and Partem Education. 

Harish currently serves as supervisory director and advisor to boards for several companies located in the Dutch Caribbean.

Through all his business achievements Harish always wanted to give back to the community and the world. He realized the importance of a sound vision which can not only serve as a beacon for his personal self but also help him work towards a bigger purpose in life.

After many sleepless nights he finally got his vision written down giving him a purpose in life.  Driven by his own vision “Enabling outstanding people, products and services.” Harish founded Partem Education in 2016 as part of the Abaque Group. Partem Education aspires to educate people on how to reach their full potential by building on a clear vision and working on it at a practical level and on a daily basis.

Through Partem Education, Harish dedicates a big part of his time and efforts on organizing workshops, seminars and advising people and businesses to relive their life purpose. By sharing his knowledge and experience, Harish has proven to be an inspiration and motivation for the many people that attend his events.

Besides empowering people to grow in their personal, professional and financial fields of interest, Harish is very passionate about the Abaque Groups charity foundation called “Reaching the sky.” The foundation is involved with helping mentally and physically handicapped children on Curacao as he believes that everyone has potential to be great!

Do you also want to be great? And find your inspiration and vision? 

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