Life is about negotiating, and knowing how to close allows you to get your way in the boardroom, the negotiating table, and even at home. The only real reason a person fails in life is the inability to close others on providing resources, energy, money, support or whatever it is they need in order to achieve what it is they want!

Don’t think this thing called “closing” is limited to salespeople. It affects anyone involved in contract negotiations, buying, selling, raising money or engendering support for any cause, and is essential to the everyday man who just wants to make his life better.

It’s a misunderstanding of mass proportion that closing is only a salesperson’s skill.

The close is the critical exchange point, where the negotiations become an actionable agreement. Closing is critical to bring about change. Closing is critical to delivering production. Closing is critical to survival and to making things happen. Show me any highly successful person, and I will show you someone who has big dreams and who knows how to close!

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Martin Luther King, Jr. closed mankind in a very turbulent and suppressive era on the idea that all men should be treated equally, and he positively affected the world. Bill Gates convinced and closed the world on using a computer as a daily practice and it made him one of the richest men on the planet. Christopher Columbus closed the Queen of Spain on funding his travels to the other side of the globe, and then was given credit for the discovery of the New World.

Billions of people have had great dreams only to give them up because they couldn’t convince (close) others on supporting them in making those dreams become reality. Thus, the dream dies and is forgotten until someone later has the same dream, but is able to close others to support and accept it, and make it a reality.

Who gets credit, the dreamer or the closer?

It is said that 20% of people sell 80% of the products. If that holds true, then only 20% of the dreamers ever make their dreams come true. 100% of people who are making their dreams a reality know how to CLOSE others on their dream. They know how to get deals done and how to convince others to support their journey to making the dream a reality.

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Become a master at the art of negotiating and closing transactions of any kind and you will become a different person, growing a new confidence in your ability to take care of yourself, your family and ultimately making your dreams come true.

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Hope this helps,

Grant Cardone