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Where Do You Get Your Advice?

In this Show

Who do you read? Who do you study? Why do you ask for advice in the first place? Many people are looking for confirmation—they know what they should do but don’t want to do it so they are seeking encouragement to do something else.

You get advice from either legitimate or illegitimate sources. Just because someone is in your family doesn’t mean you need to get their advice. You need to filter where you get your advice from.Two main takeaways from today’s show:

1. How much have you been influenced by the world around you? Every day you get content from a variety of sources. TV, radio, internet, co-workers—there are 1,000 things that can get in your head. Understand the things that have influenced you and seek to control that.

2. Never take advice from a quitter. If someone who has quit on relationships, don’t take advice from them on relationships.

Don’t read 25 books from 25 people, that will just make you confused.

Be selective on where you get advice from and read 25 books from one person.

Go deep before going wide.

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