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Get Up and DO

So! Im almost 99% reaching my goal. Why? You may ask…. Because yesterday I didn’t do my video. And below you are going to read why. This morning I had different meetings with different team members and I wanted to do the video today, but I was afraid. I was afraid of what I wrote last night. So I sat and think: Why am I afraid? Im not hurting anybody with my feelings? I was afraid of being judge by other people. So I had a breakthrough this morning and I decided that I can’t pay attention to the people that judge me, I need to pay attention to the people that can Identify with my history. Haters, naysayers, you will always have one of those… BUT if you know you are doing the ethical and right thing… if you are focus on your mission and vision NOBODY CAN’T take that away from you. I invite you today to have a breakthrough just like I did and fight for your goals and fight for what is right. Remember: PERFECTION IS OVERRATED My history begins here, now and today!