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Get Ruthless or Run Over

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On this episode of Young Hustlers Grant Cardone and Jarrod Glandt talk about the fact of life that you must get ruthless or get run over. Ruthless is having or showing no pity for others. Do I need pity? If something bad happens to Grant don’t show him pity. Why would you need to give others pity? You need to get pity-less. But you need to be 100X ruthless on yourself before being 10X ruthless on the world. Don’t ax someone right away. Handle them first. If I won’t tell a friend the truth, it’s because I haven’t handled me. People say it will hurt their feelings. Bone up—stand up to the people around you. Ruthless is aggressive. You’ve been socialized not to be. They tell you to sit at your school, you can’t be loud or noisy. You are a maniac but people try and tell you that you don’t have the permission to be who you are. The reason Donald Trump wiped out 16 other guys is because he is ruthless. Everyone takes advantage of people who aren’t ruthless. Make a list of things you can tolerate or not tolerate. Find out who is on your side. Who do you need to confront? You must communicate! Don’t put up with those who stand against you and tear you down.

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