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Get Rich Quick Scams – Cardone Zone

In this Show

Forget the obvious scams, what scams are you running on yourself?

What do you believe or have bought into that is holding you back from your dreams? From success?

Having a part-time job is a SCAM. Anything worth doing is worth committing to one hundred percent.

College is a SCAM for a majority of people.

Saving money is a SCAM. Saving was designed by banks, and for banks so they can make money off your money.

Cash is King is a SCAM. Cash Flow is King.

Diversification. Mutual Funds. IRA’s. ALL SCAMS.

How about quitting and giving up? That’s a SCAM too.

And, the number one scam on this planet is that you can’t become a millionaire.

Watch my upcoming LIVE WEBINAR and learn for yourself how to stop lying and believe that you can become a millionaire.

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