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The Secret of How to Get Over Rejection

In this Show

Grant Cardone here New York Times Best Selling Author and your friend in sales and in business I want to talk to you today about rejection and how to get over rejection.

1. You are the only one that can heal it.
2. Time won’t.
3. Get over it.
4. Replace lost opportunity, with NEW opportunity.

That sales killer, the thing that makes so many people say Grant I could never be a salesman, I could never be a saleswoman, I could never do sales because rejection hurts my heart. I did not learn about this technique until I was 3 or 4 years in sales and I realized I could heal myself of rejection immediately. I do not need to spend two or three days or a week being the effect of rejection. I could heal myself of all rejection immediately. Like the Wolverine, like Hugh Jackman in Xmen. Wolverine is shot and heals himself I was like I can do that the moment I get rejected or turned down, or told no. When you get rejected I want you to do these things number one I want you to know that you are the only one who can heal yourself. Number two time is not the healer – it’ll be alright in a week or two. No it won’t thats two weeks of sales that you cannot afford to miss. Number three get over it. Grow up. Knock it off men, Knock it off ladies you cannot sit there and think oh Im rejected its so bad. Number four replace the lost opportunity with a new opportunity. Understand all rejection you are experiencing, is really the fact that your pipeline is not full. It is not about the person in front of you, its about the fact that your pipeline is not full and you have this realization that you need to go find somebody. If you want to know more about handling rejection and keeping your pipeline full go to and get your freakin’ healing on so you are the “Wolverine of Sales”.

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