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Right now video is becoming more and more important in the world. Most people don’t read books anymore. People scroll through news feeds on their smart phones and won’t stop unless something grabs their attention. With the rapid rise of Snapchat, the popularity of YouTube, and live streaming with things like Periscope, video is where it’s at in 2016.

To market yourself and your brand, you must use video. It will get your message out and connect you to the world. I do a lot of video because I know people like to watch video.

Use these 3 tips for a great video:

1. Purpose. Is the video primarily for building trust, increasing awareness, generating new leads, launching a brand new product, driving traffic to your website, or selling something? Understanding your specific goal up front will give direction to your message.

2. Consistency. A video isn’t a one-time event. All of your video efforts need to be consistent and ongoing to make an impact. Don’t be a “one and done” guy. Bang out videos often. To do this you need to develop a lot of content.

3. Make it big. Never go small in anything. Videos can be bold. Adding video to your branding plans make you look more special. It’s the best way to break through the noise out there and make sure your message gets noticed.

4. Brand before Advertise. You have to get attention and hold attention and get people to remember your name.  Branding is more about being remembered and burning your name into the minds of people. Seek to brand first, advertise second.

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