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Get a Head Start on 2015 – Cardone Zone

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“Twas the night after Christmas, when all through the house not a salesman was stirring, not even your spouse. The bills were on hold, but you knew soon, they’d come in. In fear that Santa had ruined your quota, the children were nestled, but even they knew they were at risk. Christmas has come and now it is over. It’s time to get your life together, before it is over.” – GC

Exploit opportunity, and there is opportunity between now and the end of the year.

I like sleeping in, and taking time with my family. Last year, was the biggest year I’ve ever had. And I don’t want next year to be like last year. I want it to be bigger!

How many opportunities can you make in the next 365 days? How many new bangers and ballers can you make friends with; one a week; 52 new friends. Get rid of the stallers.

You need new ideas, new opportunities, not new things.

You have 80 hours left in 2014 to plan it out.

For 2015:
1. New friends
2. New ideas
3. New opportunities

What worked last year? What were my successes?

We did some webinars for the first time, and all 3 were mega-huge for me; over 15,000 views on the second webinar. We’re going to reinforce those and do more in 2015. We’ll be collaborating with other people to expand our brand and network.

No hooks, no gimmicks, free subscription for a LIMITED TIME!

What were the distractions? The things I don’t want to repeat?

• Whatever It Takes: The Ultimate Job Interview, launching in January 2015!