George Magda & Grant Cardone Power Players

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George Magda (@GeorgeMagda) has over 15 years of expertise in the digital marketing space. Currently the Director of Managed Sales, for, George delivers the real deal on why your business, regardless of what that is, must have a strong online presence…period. George and Grant tell you, step by step how to use digital marketing to can get attention for your brand and the revenue that follows. Tune in to this episode of Power Players and learn how to use social media effectively, the platforms available and what businesses must do to take advantage of each. If you’re not making enough money, odds are it’s because you’re not known. Today there are tools, literally in the palm of your hand that can help you have an impact in the marketplace. If you ever said you don’t have time to learn and focus on social media this is a must watch for you. Tune in to learn about, Google and how to get higher rankings, Blockbuster and Netflix, starting up, creating a website, YouTube, Instagram, Facebook and Twitter, video content, and much more.

  • William Amaya

    Awesome content Cardone! Thanks for breaking it down. ig @10xwill

    • Grant Cardone

      ahhhh thanks!

  • Andy Carr

    Two of my favorite personalities in the retail automotive industry. George has been a huge help to me over the years with getting ahead in digital and Grant pushes me to be great! Loving #WITNATION ! #10X

    • Grant Cardone

      thanks Andy look forward to having you sit across from me

      • Andy Carr

        Heading to Miami in October and I’d love to share my story! Taking a 10X mentality and being scrappy in digital to blow up a tiny Ford store into a force to be reckoned with!

        • #Miami awaits…great to see you blow up your store Andy!

  • Man this guys speaks the truth. Watch me bring it to Youtube and Instagram now baby.

  • Great Show Guys! This is really good stuff! Everyone in sales and business (and we are all in sales) need this information! Enjoyed it! #WitNation Follow @DealerCapital #10X

  • Anas A. Safa

    An Online Channel !! .. hahahaha .. Still Rolling Impressive Brother G … I love That

  • NickITF

    It would be awesome if the video would actually play.