The Truth About Grant Cardone

THE TRUTH ABOUT Grant Cardone tells you why people don’t like Grant Cardone as he tells the story of his life and shows you around his company in Miami Beach.

If you can’t handle the truth this might be a video you don’t want to watch. If you ever meet grant cardone you will see that he tells it the way it is whether you like it or not.

Grant Cardone talks about his career, how he got started and why people don’t like him. He talks about confidence, how he wrote his books, why he created his own studio, his being labeled ADD, ADHD, OCD and drugs he was prescribed like prozac, lithium, ridalin.

He talks about why people hate on success, vacations, his private yet….and confidence… he wrote a book in two hours, and then goes on to list off things that are dumb to do like college, ira, keough, 401k, buying a home, girlfriends, paying the bills, and how much the truth hurts so many.

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