GAMP Quick Start Business Plan

GAMP Quick Start Business Plan

By David Voth, Best Selling Author


Getting started as a member of Global Affiliate Marketing Pros (GAMP)

Affiliate marketing is a simple concept: refer someone to a company and earn a referral fee for your effort. GAMP’s program is no different. Once you become a member you can earn a referral fee for everyone you subscribe, and a referral fee for everyone they subscribe. However, even though it’s simple it’s still good to get some basic direction of where and how to start to ensure early success.


The importance of getting a quick start

Statistics tell us that if people don’t make any money in their first six months in their network or affiliate marketing business, their retention is only 20%. However, if people make any money at all in their first six months, their retention goes up to 70%. That’s why it is critical to help people become successful fast. Furthermore, if you get off to a quick start, as I will illustrate, you will have created something very special, and compelling.


The first goal in your business should be to get four people signed up and then to help each of them get their first four people as quickly as possible. If you do this you will have an instant team and you will become immediately profitable. More importantly with this strategy, you’re building retention. Since GAMP pays 25% first-tier commission and 5% second-tier commission when you sign up four people their four referral fees pay your monthly subscription each month. Also, then you are on the way to creating a significant residual income.


Let’s look at an example

You sign up 4 people at the regular monthly subscription fee of $299. Your commission on those direct referrals is $299 ($74.75 x 4). Effectively your subscription is now free. Then if you help each of your referrals make 4 referrals each, your second-tier commission will earn you $239.20 ($14.95 x 4 x 4). Your first-tier commissions pay your monthly subscription and your second-tier commissions are the being of your residual income. Where else can you create immediate residual income?


Now imagine this

If you signed up just 4 people per month, and each of them signed up just 4 people per month, and even if 10% of all the people in your group left each month (who knows why they would), then by the end of the 12th month your monthly income would be $10,424.65 and your accumulated earnings over those 12 months would be $60,162.99.


There is an unlimited income potential with GAMP’s affiliate marketing program, but a quick start is the best strategy to get instantly profitable. Then teach your people to keep the model building for everyone to develop a solid and profitable business for themselves.


Training, LEADS & Systems

If what I just described was the whole program it would be enough, but there’s more. Sign up with GAMP and you get full access to Grant Cardone University; where Grant Cardone mentors GAMP’s people in selling, negotiating, cold calling, follow-up, and closing deals.


GAMP is a full system solution. Including sales funnels and marketing automation, with a built-in dialer, SMS capabilities and full integration into your CRM, to grow your own business with GAMP’s software from any computer or smartphone. GAMP also has the top industry professionals teaching social media marketing training and selling tools.


And… GAMP gives you the leads! After you have signed up, GAMP automatically loads interested leads directly into your own back office. All you need to do is call them, answer their questions, and then email or text them your affiliate link to sign up.


A complete package: training, mentoring, leads, sales tools, and a system to make it all happen.


This opportunity is unprecedented and the income possibilities are endless!

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