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The Future of Medicine – David C. Karli

In this Show

David C. Karli believes he is ahead of what he anticipated. Six years ago he would have never thought that he would reach the level at where he operates today.

Karli takes the body’s natural healing power and manipulates it into a product that can be used to improve patients healing capabilities. He reduces the risk of powerful medications and therapies by working more naturally with the body.

There are therapeutic cells within these preparations that we can use to promote and support natural healing. Our company promotes healing at the end of the day. We apply it towards orthopedic applications: arthritis, sports injuries, things of that nature.

We set up a laboratory processing facility within a hospital or a practice or an academic institution, for example, where we produce the sample that is implanted. We coordinate with the providers to obtain a sample, process it, analyze it, and we’ll get into the quality control component of organization, which is the unique piece, and then re-implant it via the provider. Greyledge cannot practice medicine, we’re a service provider.  It’s a collaborative effort with the clinician.

We’re collaborative service provider, and becoming more of a data management company as well, because it’s our responsibility to validate that our products work, just like any company, in this case it’s a biotech and medical apps company, we create a platform from which we can track our outcomes with our associates, or with our network.

Where Greyledge Technologies and Karli can go from here is completely unlimited.

Get in contact with David C. Karli through his website, LinkedIn, and learn more about Greyledge Technologies here:

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