How Christoph C. Cemper Went From Zero to Number 1

Christoph C. Cemper founded his company LinkResearchTools (LRT), the global #1 real-time link protection & optimization platform for websites. He has been studying, testing and working with links since 2003.

He refers to the term “Zero to One” from Peter Thiel’s book on business investment. According to the author, creating a completely new business in an entirely new market is the best way to approach the market, and he only invests in startup businesses.

However, Christoph C. Cemper disagrees strongly and believes giving things away for free limits your potential. He believes that “Zero to One” means getting something in exchange for something else. Even if he believes that earning the first dollar on a product is the hardest, it is also the most rewarding.

Real people, with real money, are willing to spend even one dollar on you are valuable customers. Start with that $1 and the upsell further on.

That’s Zero to One for Christoph C. Cemper. is the result of hard work focused on the things that matter.

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