From Rehab to Millionaire by 30

When I was 25, I was lost and broken in every way, and I checked myself into a rehabilitation treatment facility. I had no confidence—and no money. If you had seen me back then, you’d probably assume I wasn’t going anywhere with my life, much less becoming a millionaire by age 30.

Whether you are 18, 22, 29, or well past 40, there is always time to turn your life around and even have the dream life you’ve only fantasized about—but there is one thing you must do to make it all happen.

Be all in.

A few years ago Peyton Manning, NFL quarterback for the Denver Broncos, had undergone medical procedures for his spine and neck. This could easily end the career of an NFL player, especially one who gets slammed by 300-pound monsters trying to take him out during every game. His General Manager, John Elway, knew his playing days could be coming to an end. Elway was asked what plan B would be if Peyton Manning weren’t able to come back. “We don’t have a plan B,” Elway said. “We’re going with plan A.”

Peyton Manning went on to have 4 super successful seasons, became the MVP in 2013, and won the Superbowl in 2015. Why? Because he’s a champion and he was all in.

Have you given up on Plan A for your life?

Overcommitting like this is something that has helped me become successful as an owner of multiple businesses. Once I started committing first and figuring it out later I was able to increase my production across the board in every area. I may have even been over my head at times, but I committed to the mindset of doing whatever it takes.

Most of society discourages the all in mentality because we are taught to play it safe and protect ourselves from losses and the unknown. There is also a myth about this cautious mindset which states that your energy, creativity, and efforts are material and have limited quantities that cannot be replenished. I can assure you that successful people are willing to make big plays and do not adhere to such limits.

Overcommitting is often viewed as a negative, but it’s actually a great thing. You can hustle and dominate your time and 10X your life by going all in and overcommitting. By overcommitting, I mean jumping on an opportunity before learning the details–committing to something and figuring it out later.

When it comes to vital things in your life like money, motivation, creativity, health, energy, ideas and love, you should go all in as many times as you can, because even if you fail, you can keep going all in again and again. What you need to do is burn the bridge and go all in on your plan A—have no plan B—because, in reality, plan B is settling for average.

Here are three steps to take away today:

  1. Commit to every opportunity

  2. Show up

  3. Figure it out

Soon you will see the difference between being someone who quits and someone who commits and notice that the majority of people who complain about things are often the ones who never show up themselves.

Let others go after plan B. You need to go all in with plan A and don’t let your worst nightmare become reality. If you want to be a millionaire by 30, then become a millionaire by 30. Others have done it. If you’re already 30, commit to becoming a millionaire by 35, 40, or even 70. Just commit. Get around people who are making things happen in their lives. Come to 10XGrowthCon, we are sold out of physical tickets, but have opened up online streaming so you can get the content anywhere in the world. Learn more here.

Be great,


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