From Hourly Worker at Red Lobster to CEO of a 6-Billion Dollar Company

My friend Daymond John knows what it means to do whatever it takes. Back in the day he used to work at Red Lobster from 10 am to 10 pm, but it was what he did outside of those hours that made all the difference for his future. As he began FUBU he would wake up early in the morning to make calls and do some deliveries. After his shift at Red Lobster, he’d go home and work long past midnight sewing new clothing. That’s a real 10X schedule.

There’s no getting around it, you have to put the time in. Massive success requires massive commitment. I can assure you that any serious commitment takes time. You see Daymond John on Shark Tank today but he didn’t get on a network TV show by just working shifts on his day job. He was slinging T-shirts on the streets of New York City long after he had “clocked out”.

You either think like a shark or you don’t. Daymond has said that money is like a gun, you can go and hunt and feed yourself or you can shoot yourself with it. It’s all how you use it—money is a tool. Daymond didn’t need college, he needed a lot of hustle, determination, and a pitch.

“Life is a series of pitches… you are always pitching.” — Daymond John


If you watch Shark Tank, you know that investors don’t just invest in companies and ideas—they invest in people. This is why you always have to be mindful of your brand and how you pitch yourself. Invest in yourself, work hard, and you too can make it big. If a kid from Queens could start sewing hats as a side hustle and turn it into a $6-billion company, there’s no stopping you from taking action on that idea you have in your mind.

Join me, Daymond, and a World Class Line Up at the 10X Growth Conference this March. I know there will be future multi-millionaires, even future billionaires in the audience. I want you to be there to learn and grow, to make 2017 the year you really start expanding. There will be so much content, so much strategy revealed during this 3-day event that you will find the investment you make in the ticket will pay for itself a million times over—literally.

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