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Are Your Friends Damaging Your Relationships – Women in Power

In this Show

In this episode Elena and Katrina discuss how to recognize the types of friends that benefit your life or detract value from it. Elena and Katrina explore their personal experiences and how they recognized the types of individuals whose negativity ultimately led them to end the friendship.

How do you know who your true friends are? What types of people are they? Are they adding value to your life or are they taking away? Find out how to discover your true friends on this episode of Women in Power.

Elena Cardone, Chief Family Officer and wife of Grant Cardone, teams up with Katrina Campins, TV personality, real estate expert and most famously known as finalist of season one of The Apprentice. This 30 minute web series will showcase women CEO’s, authors, entrepreneurs, designers, artists, ladies who are making powerful moves in their relationships and in life. Learn from accomplished women who successfully manage business, family as they strive for personal fulfillment.

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