Until everyone on this planet knows me, I haven’t done my job, my duty, or my mission. I’m obsessed with entrepreneurship—are you? I’m obsessed with freedom. Are you?  I’ve always used Fridays to hack success. While everyone else is taking it easy, these next three days are gold. People are saying TGIF—but watch their attitude. This is your moment to say TGIF—Thank God I’m Free. You are working for your freedom today. It’s freedom Friday today baby!

This is the day to go out and grab the market. When people start thinking about the weekend, thinking about tonight and the hangover they will wake up to tomorrow, thinking about Sunday and how they’ll relax in the sun—by the time Monday morning rolls around they are already out of the game for 3 days. No wonder people hate Mondays.

Most of the planet is going to retreat over the next 3 days. They think they deserve time off. Those same people will then spend all next week saying they don’t have enough time. I don’t know what you are doing today, but I’m going to work. Since this morning I’ve done 3 interviews, met with my entire office for a daily meeting on purpose and direction, at 12 EST I’ve got the Cardone Zone going on, I’ve got sales calls going on, and I’ve got my businesses to run.

What day it is doesn’t matter. It’s time to show up and get your freedom.

90% of all success people encounter is about showing up. People who get lucky a lot show up a lot. You may not feel like it, but nothing comes to somebody that sleeps except a little rest and imagining what they could accomplish when they were awake. You want to surf? Get a board and hit the ocean. Or you can sit on the beach and say man that ocean looks scary. The more you show up the more you will succeed.

The only way to guarantee failure is to NOT show up. No matter how much you plan, think about, and organize, sooner or later you will have to show up. You can only learn to swim when you hit the water. Showing up takes faith. Faith without showing up results in nothing. Nothing good will happen to someone who stays in bed all day.

When I was building my seminar business, my twin brother asked me when was I actually going to sell tickets? I had planned, organized, and written the material. I was ready, but I wouldn’t show up and get in front of a customer. He said to me,“Grant, when are you going to do this?” I finally did it after 18 months of waiting.Once I showed up, it was easier than I thought. And that’s when I started learning what it would take to succeed in the business.

Without showing up nothing else matters. Your intelligence doesn’t matter, your enthusiasm doesn’t matter, your ability doesn’t matter, nothing else matters if you don’t show up first.

Make a list of all the areas in your life where you aren’t showing up. Places where you are retreating and introverting from. Where do you need to move forward?

Show up today. Don’t let it be Thank God It’s Friday. Show up and get your freedom. If you want to get skilled up, get on Cardone University today. Show up, train, get skills, get your financial house in order.

TGIF. Thank God I’m Free.

Be great,