FREE Is Killing Your Dreams

How much money are you making from strategies you’re getting from free videos, webinars and events?

My guess…. NONE…. $0…

Why? Because you don’t value it at all.

If I gave you a $1m strategy in a free video you wouldn’t do anything with it – except go – that’s a great idea, I’ll get around to it! Is that fair or too harsh?

How can I make these statements?

Through running 30 free events in less than 12 months and seeing the same people (that haven’t invested) pop back up for a re-run still in the exact same place (less 6 months of their life).

There’s a very clear pattern.

These lovely people keep consuming free videos, emails, posts and events, yet can’t see why they are no closer to their dreams.

And in this same time the clients that did invest made close to $3m in 10 months in new revenue.

That’s the difference.

Why you must invest:

1. Do you want customers to pay you?
2. Skin in the game (money) that makes it too uncomfortable to do nothing with the purchase.
3. Cheap and success don’t fit in the same sentence very well.

So here is the tough question: How is free working out for you? (Check your bank account and results.)


Invest to fast-track your results with someone who can help you.

This way you invite others to invest in you because you’ve set the example.

Could you work it out on your own without investing? Probably…

But what’s the cost if you were to be completely honest with yourself?

How much missed money over that period of time?

AND most importantly, how much time have you destroyed?

You know what to do to get where you want to go….

The questions is will you do it?

Comment below and message me – I’m curious how did this article make you feel?

It will only get you angry if you’re in the FREE ZONE right now.

By Aaron Witnish & Jack Murray – The Aussie Closers

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