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Four Reasons Not to Buy a Franchise | FranFinders

Over the years of working with people who are looking into buying in franchises, we have heard a lot of reasons why people want to start a business. Some of those reasons are practical and well thought out; others are a little short-sighted. Here are some reasons why you shouldn’t buy a franchise. To get rich quick. Recheck your motives, there are no “get rich quick” plays. To not have to work any longer. You will work harder in your own business than a job, really. To immediately replace lost income/wages. While the purpose of any business is to generate income, don’t expect immediate cash flow. To fill your time. If you need to fill the void with something productive, try gardening. Owning and running a business needs full-time commitment. When you are considering buying a franchise, consider your reasons. Make sure you have thought through your motives. You will have the best outcome by knowing your reason for being in business. If you need help understanding more about franchises, give me a call or go to my site: