Follow the Money and Work the Clock

The two most valuable things a company has are money and time. Without money you can’t get people, and without time you run out of month. Time is the new currency both for your company and the consumer. To be successful as an entrepreneur, to make it big in business, you must learn how to follow the money and work the clock. This is basic, but they don’t teach you this stuff in college. Everyone who has massively expanded their business knows the two secrets I’m going to tell you today.

You can have a 100-page business plan, you can organize your desk so it’s perfect, you can spend time getting your business cards and your stationary done, but you aren’t really in business until you start asking the question, “Who’s got my money?” This is the first rule you must follow in order to succeed in business today.

Follow the Money

Who’s got your money? Who can you transact with? Who can you monetize with? Who can you service and get an exchange with? If you have a product someone can buy from, it means you have something of value. What is wrong with monetizing? The world revolves around it. For years I would do a sales meeting for free, then I started asking for the money. People want to exchange with you if you bring value.

Simply ask yourself: “Who’s got my money?” People get into business and make a business plan and never ask this simple question. Make a list of who has your money, the money you want, and figure out what you can exchange with them. Whether you have a service, a product, or an idea, the question to ask yourself is always: “Who’s got my money?”

You don’t need to make money, you need to connect with those who’ve already collected money, who have money, and exchange what you have (skills and knowledge) with what they have (money). Start investing most of, if not all of, your time with those people on your list. Get your millionaire mentality wrapped around this idea and spend every waking hour and all your energy on serving those who need what you have.

Work the Clock

Who can you get to today to close a deal? How do you take time out of the equation? You must take time out of long cycles and get more money now. Reduce the time it takes so you make a sale with a client now rather than later. Does this sound hard? It’s easy. All it takes is commitment.

This is why you must control time rather than manage time. I’m personally not interested in managing time. I love watches, but I rarely ever set the timer on them. You know why? It’s because I don’t care what time it is. I need to take whatever time I have right now and condense as much activity as I can into that moment.

I’m not looking at managing an hour; I am looking at eating minutes and seconds. I want to control my 24 hours in a day, 168 hours in a week. I want to be in control of it. I want you to just start thinking in 15-minute blocks now, today. I got a 15-minute block. Do I want to manage those 15 minutes or do I want to control how much I can get done in 15 minutes? See the difference here? I don’t want to manage it. I want to control it.


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