With all the information and entertainment we want and need at the tip of our fingers, people just don’t have long attention spans anymore. If you can’t get someone’s attention in about 8 seconds, they will lose focus on you.

While it takes work to get someone’s attention, I want to tell you today that it also takes work to keep your attention on what matters most. You can make a big important goal and instead of working on it, find yourself distracted by things on your phone.

Remaining focused in a noisy world is a skill that must be developed.

Focus is what can bring you big success. To be focused requires you to be obsessed on some level. All the greats have the ability to focus. The average do a little here, a little there, never able to put their full attention on anything and therefore never become great at anything.

Control your own attention through focus while others waste time being distracted by menial things. Let others watch cat videos on YouTube. You need to pursue with laser focus your big goals.

Operate every single day with an obsessive focus on your goals. Here are 3 tips to NOT get distracted:

1. List all distractions: Create two columns on a sheet of paper. In column 1, list the things that won’t ever contribute to your production. In column 2 list the distractions and activities you must do. Now, avoid all activities in column 1. Seeing it on paper will help you be aware of these potential and meaningless distractions.

2. Make priorities: Make a list of everything you must do and start with the most difficult thing. Get it out of the way. When I am making sales calls, I don’t make the easiest ones first. I make the most difficult ones first. I want to get those ones that challenge me the most out of my way or I want to conquer them. Either way I win.

3. Don’t take breaks: Don’t rest and don’t stop. Never do “just enough.” It’s not about building a small fire to keep warm. It’s about adding wood to your fire and make it so massive you burn the place down. Stay focused on your fire and keep building it. Those who lose focus have stopped adding wood to do other things that don’t matter as much.

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