Five Steps to Sales Greatness

The fact is, there is a big gap between average and great. This may sound basic, but the fact is, most people are operating with average goals, average levels of action, and getting stuck in the land of average: The Middle Class. Whether you’re a homemaker, artist, plumber, gym owner, lawn maintenance, lawyer, doctor, car salesmen, or any other title—you’re in sales. At some point you need to sell someone on something, whether it’s to get them to believe in your brand, invest in your dream, purchase your product, take your solution or just to agree to eat dinner where you want—that’s selling.

The only way to make it in sales and in this economy is to be great.

Being great is the only thing that pays. If you’re not going to be great in sales, you’re going to have an average life with average accomplishments. Great salespeople are literally the engine of every economy in the world. Do you want to become great? Do want to close deals?

Here are 5 quick ways you can start becoming great:

#1 Great salespeople take the time to practice, drill, rehearse and role play. If you know any sales people that you think are great but don’t role play and drill, then trust me, they aren’t great. They are just good, maybe they’ve got some gifts, and have been doing sales for awhile.

You can’t show me someone who is great—I mean really great—that doesn’t train with role play, drilling, and practicing every day. I role played situations with other people—not customers—40 minutes a day starting at age 25 every day I went to work and went from making $3,000/month to $6,000/month almost immediately.

#2 Great salespeople never stop learning. They are readers, they listen to audio, they are going to seminars, and always trying to get better. Why? Because the greats are committed to greatness. Quit wasting time watching meaningless TV shows and start learning something.

The greats just don’t stop learning. The top CEO’s last year read on average 63 books. The most successful people financially in America read. How many did you read?

#3 Great salespeople do not see themselves as selling but serving and assisting. The greats don’t even like the idea that they are selling compared to the idea that they are on a mission. They feel hurt when a customer doesn’t buy because they couldn’t help them.

Be more purpose driven than profit driven. 

#4 Great salespeople show up early and they stay late. There’s no getting around it. The early bird gets the worm—it’s true. Put in the time. It’s impossible to be great without the time. What will staying late do—kill you? Get your spouse on the same page with you and the kids. Get them to support you. Pay the price. Do the work!

#5 Great salespeople always get answers to a question. The greats are able to get questions answered even from the most closed off customer. They insist on getting answers. The only reason you ask questions is to get an answer. It’s about control. Control the process by getting answers.

I’m pumped as I write this because my Sales Boot Camp starts tomorrow! I’m going to help those who invested and committed to coming out to learn how to sell their services and solutions on a whole new level. I’m going to train them like I train my own salespeople.

I have broken the code on the art of selling by showing hundreds of thousands of people how to be great at sales.

Selling is just as vital to your survival as food, water, and oxygen is. You need to prosper under any economic condition and have your bank account expand—big time. If you haven’t already, pick up a copy of Sell or Be Sold and my Closer’s Survival Guide

Let’s make sales a priority!

Be great,


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