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How to Find a Mentor – Young Hustlers

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When Facebook’s Mark Zuckerberg was younger, he learned from Apple’s Steve Jobs. The two of them used to take walks together around Palo Alto. Steve Jobs had a similar relationship in the late 1970’s with Andy Grove, a pioneer in the semiconductor industry and former CEO of Intel. I’m sure Andy Grove had a mentor as well. All the greats learn certain things from someone—nobody figures everything out all on their own. Michael Jordan was mentored by Dean Smith at UNC, and in the 1960’s Bill Clinton was mentored by Arkansas Senator William Fulbright. Every successful person you’ll read about was mentored by someone. This is because nobody is born fully formed, we each have to develop and learn. 3 tips to find your mentor today:

1. Commitment—you need time and money. If you’re not willing to invest time and money, you’re not committed. This is why I charge for my mentoring program.
2. Who? He or she needs to be a big thinker. Pick your person. They must have done what you want to do.
3. What? Be specific. Give him/her a list, what do you want to handle? What are the issues?

Everybody needs someone to push them! Sign up today for my mentoring program:

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