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How to Find Your Purpose – Grant Rant

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Hey Grant Cardone here New York Times bestselling author and your friend in sales and in business, and I want to talk to you about purpose and the importance of purpose. I recently did an interview where I was asked about the question of burnout I said look I personally don’t believe people burnout I believe they loose focus on their purpose. And that got me thinking about why so many people are not excited about what they are doing everyday? If you’ve ever not been excited let me tell you why it was. You lost your sense of purpose, truth is most people do not even have their own purpose. I want to read this to you, you and your results in life are basically the result of the effects of your surroundings. Most people do not have their own purpose, most people have adopted another persons purposes. Your dad told you what you should be, your mom said you shouldn’t do this, the teachers, educational systems, no you cant do that you should do this this is a good job that’s not a good job. Most people have adopted another person’s purpose and you don’t even know it. What I want you to do is redefine your purpose what gets you excited, what does the word purpose even mean?

Purpose, cause, grounds, motive, objective, goals, intentions, justifications, point, reason, aim, what is your purpose? What is the cause for you getting up every morning? What are the grounds by which you get up and get energized? What is your motive and motivation each day? What drives you? What drives your objective in life and at work? What are you trying to accomplish? What’s your intention? What’s your point? What is your reason? What is your aim in life? What do you want to accomplish? Look when you find out that reason, that objective that you have in life you will be excited everyday its called purpose. Most people don’t have it most people don’t have their own purpose they basically adopted someone else’s ideas. Have your own purpose, give life to your own purpose, create your own purpose, clarify your own purpose, so you can be on fire everyday.

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