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How to Find A Great Job

In this Show

Grant and Jarrod begin the show sharing facts and data that underscores how difficult a time millennials are having finding jobs despite having college degrees. Millennials are the most educated yet most indebted generation. Grant and Jarrod want to wake up millennials and tell them that the old thinking about job hunting has got to go. They refer to info and tips shared in an article found on LinkedIn by Human Workplace Influencer and Grant and Jarrod share 4 key takeaways every millennial job hunter should apply to their quest for a great job immediately.

How to Find a Great Job:
1. Look for a great job.
2. Have a great attitude.
3. Get to the decision maker.
4. Find revenue-driving opportunities.

Grant suggests millennials throw their resumes away because they only end up in a black hole and no one cares about resumes. Jarrod adds that one should approach looking for a job like looking to sell to prospects. He explains that in a job hunt you are selling who you are and what you can do for an organization. Job hunters should seek out people who they want to work for, seek them out and get in front of them and persist until they do.

Grant also dispels a common myth when he says “there is no such ting as working for yourself.” You are always working for someone else even when you are self-employed (clients, prospects, partnerships, your family). There is always someone to answer to.

Callers are given excellent and real advice and as always Young Hustlers is edgy and real offering the perfect blend of practical advice served up in an entertaining way.

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