Confidence is the key to getting what you want in life.

When it comes to having certainty in your spouse, a big problem is secret spending, which among spouses is something that almost all couples are guilty of at one time or another. In fact, a recent study by suggests that one-in-five adults have concealed a purchase of $500 or more from a significant other. Why do so many spouses cheat when it comes to money?

The issue of financial fidelity should be considered every bit as important as sexual fidelity. There are two ways a spouse can commit financial infidelity:

1. Not knowing what you have financially
2. Not making enough financially

If you are hiding what you have from your spouse, or if you are simply ignorant of what you have—you need to get with the program and share with your spouse so that the both of you together know what you have.

Secondly, if you don’t make enough money, that is a problem. Don’t pretend that it isn’t. Up your game, get some skills, work hard, and make a commitment to earn more money for your family. Those that don’t make enough financially often don’t want to work themselves out of it.

Laziness, procrastination, and entitlement are often characteristics of those who choose to be poor.

The American savings rate is hovering at 3-5%. Stop holding back. Spend it all! If you can’t save 20% spend all your money then make it official: you’re broke. Exhaust the spending and get it out of your system. Flip your attention and put all your focus and attention on income. Spending money is not your problem. Making money is your problem. At the point you become officially broke you will be motivated to put all your attention on your recovery.

You don’t get money by saving it. You get it by investing it. Every decision you and your spouse should be making should be about how to bring in more money. Financial fidelity will bring greater confidence and certainty to both you and your spouse.

How does your marriage make you money? How does it make you more financially solvent and secure? Money is the number one reason attributed to marriages failing. People don’t like to talk about it, especially when they don’t understand it.

Do you want to feed your family? You have to put food in your refrigerator. Eliminate every romantic dinner until you’ve made real money. Combine your dinners with business until you’re so secure financially you have earned your loafing around time. Don’t go to the movies and waste your time until you’ve earned it.

I offer these key steps couples in relationships should take to ensure their financial futures are on point:
1. Decide who is in charge of the money.
2. Have separate accounts with a clear purpose for each.
3. Agree on the spending. Establish where the money will be spent, on what and how much.
4. Get to the WHY! Why do you want money? Agree on the bigger goal.

Again, we all know sexual fidelity is important. Having open communication in that arena is every bit as important as open communication when it comes to financial matters. You must provide successfully for your spouse—if that’s your role in the relationship. Know what you have and start making more.

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Be great,