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The Federal Reserve

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Today on the Cardone Zone Grant Cardone talks about the Federal Reserve. Money is only as valuable as the confidence people have in it. Raise your awareness. Where do banks get their money from? Money is anything that is excepted for value. The dollar is not backed by gold. The country is $20 trillion in debt. What are you doing to protect your money? What is the validity of the Federal Reserve? Grant is beginning to do a little homework on the Federal Reserve. When he doesn’t know what’s true and what’s not, he does tests.

He went to the bank and told them he needed a million dollars—cash. They asked for a reason, and Grant replied that they didn’t ask him for a reason when he put it in. He wanted to test to see if he could even get his money. If you go to the bank and ask for even 100K you won’t get it that day. The US has been for 200 years a country that has been built into greatness, but there is big problems —because it is a pure credit nation now. Everyone in the middle class is going to get disrupted. The money you have is digits in a bank, but Grant’s advice is to get as much of it as you can because if things go bad, you’ll still need it.

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