Grant Cardone discusses negative news and propaganda common in mainstream media with tips for how to rise above the noise.

In this episode of Cardone Zone Grant speaks about his preconceptions about Russia and France that were proven wrong during his visit to both countries. He discusses how we are lied to every day and encourages us to rise above the noise that holds us back. Grant takes a firm position against the headlines mass media feeds us. He reads the headlines demonstrating that most mainstream media content is not intended to serve your interests at all. He challenges people to a #SevenDayChallenge which calls for the following:

1. Decide to Rise Above The Noise
2. If something does not add value to your life…PASS
3. Commit to No Negativity
4. Take the #SevenDayChallenge no mainstream media for 7 days.

Tune into Whatever It Takes Network instead and engage with Grant via twitter using hashtag #SevenDayChallenge.

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  • Expand and don’t worry about the propaganda! Rise above the noise and the average! #witnation

  • People get your a*s to Cancun!!! You won’t regret it! #ThisIsNotPropaganda GO #10X Your Life! What you spend on this trip will be an investment in you and it will pay returns! #ImTheProof

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  • Who motivates YOU Grant?

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    This quote by @GrantCardone speaks directly to my philosophy. Focus!! “If it doesn’t add to your life, don’t do it”

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    Thanks for your show Grant, you’re awesome!  Looking forward to turnaround kings, saw golds gym and loved it! grantcardone

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    I like “Rise Above the Noise” and “Get Attention” to get what you want. Thank you Grant for entertaining motivation!!

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  • Wonderful episode. You are absolutely right Grant. Media is a
    distraction in itself . It gives most of the time  misleading
    messages. Rise above the noise of such media noise and problems being created
    by propagandas. People rising above the noise should look at problems as
    benefits for their business . 
    I’m based in Saudi and it so happened  that there were  businesses  during the Gulf War  who utilized such difficulty and turned it
    into an opportunity. Some even created huge wealth just for one reason they
    stayed away from media noise and viewing problem as a benefit  and positive trigger!
    Thanks a lot  for such
    episode Grant.
    Sally Assiri

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    Thanks Grant I live above the noise… my daily goal is to stand at the door way of my mind and KEEP all negative thoughts and people OUT! When you do this you will live above the noise…

    Gregorio Pajardo

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  • “WHEN WAS THE LAST TIME YOU SUCKED YOUR MOMS “10 X”…” Oh my god, that made me laugh way too hard xD

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