Grant can help you in your career and your finances, and today he is talking about making mistakes that are costing your great opportunities. You don’t want any job, you want the right situation, the right ‘vehicle’—the right company or entrepreneur—that gives you the right area of growth. Is the driver of your vehicle retiring; is he conservative, is he pacing himself?

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Fixes To The Top Mistakes:
1. Don’t apply to every job in your marketplace.
2. Find out their mission. Know it. Live it.
3. Dress and act like you want that job. Sell yourself.
4. Don’t be dependent on the managers for direction.
5. Be interested in your company’s social presence over your own.

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  • I’m getting into Real Estate. hopefully it’s the right Vehicle.

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    Getting down to Bidness!

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    He is not a good example of a Brit GC!

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    it says streamin now? how do i watch this live?

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    primaterick GetRealtorEdge I thought he was streaming in live today bringin it hot and loud!

  • grantcardone you make a great point because people do just apply for any job just to get and have a job out desperation in a down economy. The right employer to apply to makes more sense.

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    Signin in for my weekly shot of CZ! 10X people !

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    So did Social Butterfly get fired?

  • I’m sharpening my skill set and I’m learning a lot from WIT Network. Now I have to go out there and apply what I have learned.

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  • “You need to get your freakin’ head in the game. You need to have a little religious moment – am I all in? What do I need to do to get ALL IN?” …. This is great for us entrepreneurs too. Every day! Thanks GrantCardone

  • great tips and good to know about the careers site….thanks

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    Getting my hustle on with GrantCardone  ! Need to get my game on and find the right vehicle. Go all in!

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    I really needed to hear this! Gonna apply these points on how to be a PRO in my current vehicle first, so I can get more out of my career! Then I’m gonna take it to the next level! TX GrantCardone for keeping it real!

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    Fantastic show! Thank you!

  • As always I enjoyed the segment. Question: Should I tell a job that I have a business? I would like the opinions from anyone.

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    Grant did you run out of your 10X planners???

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    Sounds like a pep talk to his organization….

  • Michael_D_Mejia

    Michelle Ngome in my experience, you shouldn’t. Not at first, actually not until you make more money in your business then you do working at your job. The reason is because they will most likely be negative. One or two co-workers will be supportive, but your boss doesn’t want to know that your energy may be focused on something besides what they pay you for. 

    Darren Hardy says it best. People are like crabs. Crabs gather together in the cages cause there’s food. Once the food is done, they still stick around, but as soon as one of them starts to leave, the other crabs hold it back. They don’t let it leave the cage. Eventually, if that one crab is persistent, the other crabs will break its legs, even go as far as killing the crab, just so it doesn’t leave. People are the same way. When they see that you found a way out of the cage, they start pulling you back with negative words and comments to make you think that you’re crazy and you’ll never make it. 

    I would recommend Darren Hardy’s book The Entrepreneur Rollercoaster. Amazing book, and Grant Cardone has a blurb in it too.