Today Grant talks about ways to get you paid what you deserve. There’s plenty of money out there, and if you’re coming up short, that’s your fault. If you’ve made it here, you want out of that grind. There’s a jobs resurgence in the United States. Companies are willing to hire and put more money at risk for employment. You can be qualified, nice, and you are to desirable as an employee, but you still blow the interview.

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91-million people in America are unemployed
80% of people are looking for jobs outside of their own field

People are asking about benefits, health care, where will their office be located, when and how much vacation do they get, and they blow their interview. Don’t ask how much you’re going to be paid, or when you’re going to get your first raise.

• Ask about vacation time
• Ask about pay
• Ask where your office will be located
• Ask for your benefits

• You ask for your potential opportunity
• Tell them how you will help solve their problems
• Know what you’re looking for. Is it a big fancy window in a good office? Is it more money?

– Jobless rates are down in 42 states.
– Payroll is up 37 states.

Why you won’t get a raise:
1. You don’t ask.
2. You never had the job in the first place.
3. Wrong vehicle.
4. Wrong position within the company.
5. You’re not great.

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  • TysArmy

    2 things that have made my year #1 Wit Nation #2 Sales Genie 😉

  • fuelfitlife

    Really helpful tips! Thank you!

  • Walk in and say “I can fix problems, sell anything, and be immediate asset.” Wardrobe budget. Come on man….

  • lisa10Xer

    TysArmy I’m with you, I found Mr Cardone less than 6 weeks ago, and my sales have shot through the roof ! Nice way to finish the year and get the next one rolling !

  • lisa10Xer

    One question to ask in a job interview, “What’s the opportunity ?” , I love it ! Most people ask about salary, holidays, working times, etc etc. Wow !

  • Go and get that opportunity! WIT baby!

  • Tashia

    Awesome Vid.

  • GC you have a huge character..#Ilaughedmysocksoff

  • IvissAburto

    Great Show! Rise above the noise Be GREAT.

  • JoLynnBraley

    “You Need Goals that are BIGGER than your problems”  ….. This is excellent, thanks GrantCardone

  • Kyle Whetsel

    Those body language tells. Right when Grant heard Anthony was in Auto sales he fixed his tie. That is subtle move to start closing. He perked up. He is ready to tell the young man how his knowledge will help him. The energy level Grant has dominates the space. Dominate your space……dominate your market

  • CorporateHustler

    Hey guys this is the first caller, Anthony!  I didn’t think that I would actually get through on the phone line and once I did… I panicked… kinda of like a “wow I’m actually speaking with Cardone”…. Anyways talking to someone on the air through your beats headphones… IS NOT THE WAY to go… hence the delayed responses!

  • This show is powerful Grant Cardone is a outside of the Box Thinker.