Grant is talking today about how to get your mind on your money. He goes into how millionaires view their money versus how everyone else does. Do have that wealth mentality? Are you trying to 10X your finances so you can reach your dreams?

Do you think the wealthy have an unfair financial advantage?

Everyone has the same opportunity to acquire wealth. Grant came from nothing financially, his father died when he was young, and his mother did everything she could to provide for her children—except expanding her wealth; she hoarded the money.

The middle class is a myth. It’s a bigger illusion than getting wealthy is. The middle class doesn’t exist as a place of financial safety. Creating wealth is easier than living in the ‘middle class’.

“Instead of focusing on clipping coupons and living frugally, the wealthy reject the nickel-and-dime thinking of the masses and focus their mental energy where it belongs: on the big money.” – Steve Siebold, The Way Millionaires View Money Is Different From Everyone Else

Article Takeaways:
1. Focus on earning money.
2. Use leverage.
3. Think about money in non-linear terms.
4. See money through the eyes of logic, not emotion.
5. Believe rich is right.

There is $135 trillion on planet Earth today. There are more hands trading US dollars outside of the US, than within. You could cut off a $1 million slice for yourself and the world wouldn’t even notice.

“Most of your life you don’t get paid what you’re worth. Do Whatever It Takes to one day get over paid—and get over paid a lot.” – GC

Tucker, a Grant fan who is only 10-years old, calls in and asks for some advice to begin making money as soon as possible! Grant challenges him to make $100 in the next 7 days, and if Tucker succeeds, he will match that $100, which will multiply Tucker’s wealth by 50 times!

Tucker McIntyre Grant Cardone Zone #helptucker

Let’s help Tucker make $100 in 7 days! Share Tweets with the hashtag #HelpTucker and help him find clients so he can meet and exceed Grant’s challenge!

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  • alexb1013

    Afternoon Grant – checking in from the UK, and ready to learn!

  • SeanCannell

    Listening from Irvine, CA.
    Loving this episode so far!
    What advice do you have for finding friends and peers that have not settled but are getting their HUSTLE ON and thinking this way?
    Appreciate you so much! Talk soon.

  • Listening in the office in Shelby, NC…  My son Tucker got out of school at noon today.  He is listening and loving it…  Whole family loves some Grant and the positive message and motivation.

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    listening to one of my favorite dudes from the office , Excel Chiropractic in beautiful Jupiter, Florida.
      best lunch date ever

    Dr. Liz

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    Great show Grant!
    Wilson Leung

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    Question. What, right now today, what business online would you start??

  • With $135 Trillion in circulation no one would miss $1 billion….raise your sights.  #grantcardone.  #neverrest&10X

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    Check out Branden Williams here:

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    Listening in from BioSpherix Ltd. In Parish NY! GrantCardone have you had a chance to start your Thrive experience?

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    I love the recommendations you are giving the little guy.  !  awesome that you did that.

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    That is so awesome Tucker

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    You don’t need money man, OTHER people have money – go out and get someone else to buy your new suit for you!  BOOM!!! LOVE IT GC. Well [email protected]@grantcardone

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    vaughn_witn GrantCardone LawyerGreg were rooting for you tucker.

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    CardoneMedia GrantCardone Thanks for helping motivate Tuck. He is so excited he is jumping out of his skin. #superyounghustler

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    GrantCardone Tuck is already helping his grandad sand boards for shelving. Thanks for the motivating him, man. #superyounghustler

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    witnation GrantCardone Thanks to the WIT crew for motivating my little man. He is so excited and hungry! #superyounghustler

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    GrantCardone Look at all of my money in other peoples pockets. Gotta get it. Unleash The BEAST

  • GREAT show King Grant! Lots of content. “Go for greatness because it doesn’t cost you any more it just pays better.”[email protected]

  • “I am a young hustler” – Tucker

  • Awesome show Grant, thank you for sharing! Here’s the things I learned from you, I need to go after people’s money to make more money, I shoud not trust in one flow of income, and to be rich is not an evil thing but a good thing. 

    Thank you once again Grant Cardone.

    [email protected] from Managua, Nicaragua.

  • Wait ’till I get my money right!

  • “Money is on their mind” …. what I’ve learned in the work that I do is that mindset is 90% of success. I help my clients achieve permanent weight loss and they ALREADY know how to eat healthy and exercise. But why aren’t they Doing it? They’re definitely smart, they’re already successful in their business or career… so why don’t they DO the healthy lifestyle?
    It’s 90% mindset and it’s the same thing when it comes to wealth creation, which is what I heard in your show today GrantCardone  – “Everyone has the same opportunity to acquire wealth”, which is true. But why doesn’t everyone DO it? It comes back to mindset. Your mindset determines your actions and your level of actions (10x’ing it requires a certain mindset to DO it!)
    Thanks for another great show Grant, I’m looking forward to Friday the 13th when #WhateverItTakes is planned to air!

  • “You have to get some help” so you have to pay some people. – That’s where I’m at, I need to hire help.

    “Getting Rich is Right.” 

    “Get Freedom, not comfort.” GrantCardone

  • I say keep on cussin’ Grant! Gotta 10X your life, 10X your finances, 10X your cuss words! Keep that hustle muscle pumpin’ playa!

  • jcast0723

    Keep watching; at all time Love the Show

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    10X your income using @GrantCardone’s products! 50% Off Sale on EVERY PRODUCT! #sales #hustle #success    link- code-10XBEN

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    Grant’ s a bad ass of business.

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    @ 10x for life baby! Check us out online at or hit us up on twitter ReferenceMeNow… GC is the real deal!

  • LaTisha Williams

    Grant you keep inspiring me to reach further… Be Great!!

  • Arise2Thrive

    Excuse me, you have a warped perception of liberal democrats if you think they would demonize a child for being ambitious. Neither liberals nor democrats dislike ambition, success, or money. Liberals and democrats love capitalism. No one wants America turned into a socialist state. What liberals and democrats oppose is exploiting workers, destroying the environment, and trampling on little people in the name of profits. Millionaires don’t create a thriving economy. A thriving economy creates millionaires.

  • brendenvalks

    I hope when my son is 7 I can instill the entrepreneurial spirit like the little man on this show!

  • deleted_75763750_ChiwuzieSunday

    Man, I think you just sparked a fire that could literally change my life forever with this video. The part about picking the Top 5 realtors in the area and destroying them really touched a nerve, because I did the EXACT same thing at a job where I worked, but have struggled to apply the same aggressive-warfare mentality in my business. 

    I remember, everyone said I could never beat the top guy in there, but once I did the math backwards, I realized it wasn’t as far-fetched as it seemed. I literally destroyed the guy. In FIVE MONTHS, sold over 450 units, and still NOBODY could even touch 150 the WHOLE YEAR. The look on their faces was well worth it, but I learned a very important math lesson.

    If there’s anything I’ve learned from you, Grant, it’s the power of doing “the math”. Sometimes we tend to have big audacious goals, but until you put a number to it and do the math on the level of activity we need to get involved in, it’s nothing but just a dream. 

    I need to apply the same principles in my business, pick out my top 5, and go to war.