Grant Cardone and Jarrod Glandt address the perception perpetuated by CNBC of Millennials, those around their late 20s and early 30s, being limited by the economy, not wanting to buy a home or start a family, and being stuck in a perpetual state of late adolescence. Grant points out that turning 30 used to mean hitting your stride as an adult and the Young Hustlers want to tell you how to BREAK OUT!

Each of these four main points are discussed further throughout the episode.

The 4 Things You Need To Break Out:
1. Be great RIGHT NOW
2. Take more risks
3. Find the right vehicle
4. Get involved with the players

Grant and Jarrod also take callers, discussing the four points along with caller-specific issues such as: how often do you get haters telling you to be less harsh, and getting onto a new market and helping a company versus creating your own. One of the callers turns out to be Jericho, a rap artist from Columbus, Ohio. You’ll get to listen to his track “I’ll Take It From Here” which mentions Grant, 10X, Whatever It Takes, and many other life-changing topics from Grant’s arsenal.

Make sure to check this episode out so you can HIT IT BIG and HIT IT HARD.

  • Hustle! Get Money and Be Positive!

  • Ethan Michael

    The ads are absolutely destroying such a great show! Too much, too soon.

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  • Ethan Michael If you have the 10X Rule – you know that Grant will take your complaint as a compliment that he is doing it correctly – and might even increase the advertising! I know what you are saying, sometimes I think it is too much, but at the same time, the content is great and he has a right to monetize how he sees fit. I mean, these shows really add value to my life – I listen to some of them over and over. I play them during my morning workout and they are making me money. So, I don’t complain about the ads – I am watching and learning. This network launch is being done so well – it’s amazing.

    I just need more content Grant! Moving the Cardone Zone to Friday kills me because I need your show the most at the beginning of the week, not the end. I watch Young Hustlers and Cardone Zone – then I have nothing to watch for a full week. Killing me.

  • TheBenzExpert

    Zero cash down or only first payment if not paying cash for cars

  • Ethan Michael Not many people give away this much free content so take a look at the ads as well maybe you will learn something. 
    grantcardone I will be happy to pay a monthly membership fee for ad free powerful content such as Power Players and others.  Keep up the good work!

  • AlanCiechalski

    Great episode as usual 🙂 Love the tune from Jericho too!

  • LA L

    why isnt the new episode in youtube?

  • Chad Pittenger

    LA L …..  You have to plug into Whatever It Takes Network…..

    Jericho has a New Album Too!