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Are sales people still relevant, valuable, and worth keeping commissions for? Brian de Haaff, the CEO of AHA! released an article on LinkedIn titled, “Why This CEO Will Never Hire Another Salesperson.”

Brian de Haaff, CEO of AHA! said, “At Aha! we purposefully don’t have a sales team nor do we pay commissions on new customers. That’s because we believe it drives the wrong behavior and outcomes.”

Grant points out that it’s bad sales people that you should be avoiding, not all salespeople. Bad salespeople have to rely on ineffective tactics, which puts a negative light on sales. You don’t need to lie when you sell, check out 7 Top Sales Secrets and find out how to close sales the right way.

Do you agree with the article or Jarrod & Grant?

The Young Hustlers decide to ‘Mystery Shop’ Brian de Haaff’s company, AHA!, and it goes straight to a prompt and hold music.

Crummy sales people are no good to anyone, but that doesn’t mean you don’t need sales people. You just need great sales people! Whether you call yourself a case manager, receptionist, or CEO, you are a sales person. The receptionist needs to sell the customer on whatever they are calling in on. The customer has to believe you are there to help them get answers. If you answer with no enthusiasm, like the receptionist at AHA! you only convince them that you aren’t passionate about where you are working.

Anyone who condemns the hustle, has given up on the hustle themselves. Move away from them and find the right vehicle.

Do you think sales people and sales commissions will go away?

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  • Sales make the World Go Round! Sell or Be SOLD!

  • PonchoScotch

    Do you still need sales people? A: Sales people are like Oxygen to any business. We bring the money to the table.

  • PonchoScotch Cash Allows you to Continue Breathing!

  • witnation

    this is a great discussion PonchoScotch Michael Puerto call in today 305-865-8668

  • DavidBGoodrich

    Sales people are needed. They are the personal face of the business that provides the ability to look the customer in the eye, shake their hand, complete the close, etc.

  • Laszlo Molnar

    Grant, what is this new hippy BS, that some companies don’t want to pay sales commission anymore? I’ve been hearing this newly from more and more people. The boss of my GF made the commissions go away this year, he’s been putting a lot of money into his online sales department, I think that’s why. Of course he didn’t tell her this, he lied to her that he thinks money is not motivating enough and that he is going to take care of her in a different way. I wonder how.

  • PonchoScotch

    Wealth is made through business and the people who do business are salesmen.

  • The gentleman on that call lacked any emotion or conviction toward his product.  I would go elsewhere if I’m the consumer.

  • witnation

    Get FREED We agree completely! Their company name is exciting, but their customer service is not!

  • Justin LeVrier1


  • PonchoScotch

    Is that Sergio, el matador?

  • I was taught when you give a customer a price (should they ask for it) that you should remain silent after putting the number out there.  Don’t try to explain the price. It makes you come off uncomfortable and desperate even. If you’ve done a good enough job establishing rapport up front, the customer will let you know if the price is a problem. Just some food for thought.

  • ShaeJae

    That was a great pitch!

  • Justin LeVrier1

    Great show guys!

  • JarrodGlandt

    Get FREED Right? Makes sense no performance based pay = no incentive to push

  • TheMikeBarron

    Great stuff fellas! The Aha! article came through today on my email, and of course the first people I thought of was +  and JarrodGlandt . Myth about sales people completely debunked on this episode! Good stuff starts at

  • Shane Dorlag

    Man As soon as I heard about “deflate gate” I thought of you GC! Patriots will do what EVER it takes to win and I’m glad you brought that up on today’s show because I was wondering what you had to say about it! Keep killing it fellas!! #10X #10XLife

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  • Erik

    What is the name of the company that Sergio worked for?


  • JobsinSosh

    GrantCardone aha_io JarrodGlandt when I saw his article this morning I wondered if he was going to fire himself #SMH

  • JakeFerguson

    @bear I bet grant is pretty bummed when he sees people advertise themselves with these weak ass pitches.

  • ipdmail

    GrantCardone not at my company! We will simply be a more elite group!

  • Chri5123

    GrantCardone Absolutely, we are either selling a product or ourselves so selling is important in and out the office as a life skill.

  • jon_ashford

    GrantCardone Absolutely! However they better be closing the sale, before the door closes on them. Potential is great, if the go for it!

  • federico_edgar

    @GrantCardone @JarrodGlandt thank you so much for providing the WIT network! I love what you guys are doing! Keep it up! #ForeverASalesman

  • LA L

    great show as always, is it possible to go from depresion to having energy everyday?

  • “My balls were deflated…and so was my personality…”  Awesome!!  Thanks for the laugh GrantCardone

  • natxwang

    we’ll always need sales people. because we need the human touch. No relationship, no trust, no business!