Grant Cardone offers insights and advice to help the middle class break out and achieve true freedom in business, career and finance. Every second week of the month Grant talks about real estate. And this week he aired his follow-up episode to the hugely popular “Secrets of Buying Apartments”.

Each week NY Times best selling author, self made multimillionaire entrepreneur and international sales expert Grant Cardone focuses on matters affecting the middle class.

Grant says: “Rent where you live, so you are nimble. Own what you rent out.”

Starting Tip: Go to and start searching the area you live in.

Surprisingly smaller units are sometimes better than larger units. Depending on the market, it’s more advantageous to have less people, smaller families, per unit—it saves on water, it saves on electricity.

What you need to look at:

  1. Price?
  2. How many units?
  3. Down payment?

Grant also takes calls, giving invaluable and free advice on what to do to take their real estate investments to the next level.

Previous Episode: “Secrets of Buying Apartments”

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    Looking at buying 100 properties this year based on a government contract I have to provide them their shortfall in accommodation.  Looking at finding an investor for the deposits.  The benefit I add to the investor is the contract I’ve negotiated all void periods covered by the council.  I currently have master leases on 15 properties.  Now looking a buying.

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    How much money should I save before starting? 10K, 20K, 50K, 100K or more?

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    Hi Grant. I saw you speak in Clearwater last year.  What do you think of purchasing a 2 family home a few blocks away from a private college in NYC to rent to off campus students?

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  • @grantcardone Can you talk about flipping houses? Is it worth it, is it profitable?

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  • Your thoughts on owner financing on a note versus conventional financing when buying? Appreciate your Buying Apartments Shows.

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    OMG, just from doing this little exercise, I realized up to what point it would be ridiculous NOT to invest in multifamily apartments. Great stuff M. Cardone, keep it coming! #10x #WhateverItTakes

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    Grant! just looking around my area to get my feet wet and learn about multi family. theres a listing here in las vegas. $500,000, 6 units, 6,600sqft building. noi is 42,000. units are in a decent place, and newly renovated.couple the noi an annual figure? also my credit is horrible. assuming I get a high interest rate would this property make sence?
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    possimpible your market will only get more expensive —-there is just no place to go – the only problem with SD is you aren’t growing jobs… you can’t go to another market unless you are going there to

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    @AjLovino NOI is most always an annual number – What year was it built?  Send me your deal #RealEstate
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    LeeBourgoin Thanks “OMG, just from doing this little exercise, I realized up to what point it would be ridiculous NOT to invest in multifamily apartments. Great stuff M. Cardone, keep it coming! #10x #WhateverItTakes”  #Real Estate
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    Brad Thomsen love owner financing as solution then take them out later… #RealEstate Send me your question
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  • GrantCardone Thanks for the answer Grant. This show made me realize that it`s all about the long term income, preserving the capital and grow the portfolio not for the short term profit. I understood why you didn`t want to sell any of your properties. 

    Great show, this network is getting better and better every week. Your fast progress is a great motivation.

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    GrantCardone  once I have my 100k saved (almost there) would you recommend partnering with someone for 1st apartment deal? if so, where would you look for such a partner?

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  • If you write a book on this type of stuff can I be the first to buy it?

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    @grantcardone I’m wondering how you manage these properties that are in other states. I’m looking into buying some property to rent in locations outside of my city.

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    Mattkippenhuck You need to build a team in the area you want to invest.  Look me up if you ever want to invest in Central California… Fresno area.  I’m grinding everyday looking at deals.  I own and manage real estate, have a real estate license and will give you all my insight.  If you are successful, I will be. Google me… Franklin Romine, Fresno.
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    Great video Grant.. We’re wholesalers in South Florida & we’d like you to analyze one of our deals on your next apartment show 🙂 
    Here’s our most recent one:
    Miami Duplex Built in 2000 4 Bedroom / 2 Bath on each side
    Doesn’t need any work
    Currently rented through Section 8 – Section 8 pays $1600/month per side because of the size of building ($3200 month total)
    Address: 7713 NW 2 CT Miami , FL 33150
    Listed for sale at $172,000
    Nearby Comps showing property to be worth $300k
    Rich Urban

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    RichUrban Listen at 33:40, M. Cardone mentioned not being a section 8 guy. I’d consider showing another option to him! 🙂

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    Hi Grant…I have been listening/watching you since 1987…started way back on ASTN with “objections overruled”. My financial investment with your products are over 15k and i recommend your products/training to all. After 23 yrs in the car  business (all of which were great, except last 6 months when owners kids grew up and wanted to run without experience…blood is thicker than water) i made a complete career change into foundation waterproofing and structural repair. Long story why i made the change and dont regret at all. I have great credit, some money in the bank, annuity accounts and 401k. I have a burning for investment in multi-family(against everyones opinion) and willing to invest cash for down payment but nervous regarding personal credit rating at risk should something go wrong. Looking for advise/guidance on financing  property w/o personal credit rating at risk….Thank You! Jim Burlison (331)457-9265

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    LeeBourgoin RichUrban Lee – You don’t have to rent it out section 8.  It’s currently rented section 8 – You can actually get about $150 more per side if you rent it out privately.  I’ve rented both section 8 and regular tenants.  Both have their negatives & positives.

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    RichUrban Oh I see! I didn’t know that. Thanks for the piece of info! 
    Hope your deal is worth it and that it goes your way 🙂

  • LeeBourgoin RichUrban Yeah.. it’s already under contract 🙂

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    The “How-To” on buying apartments“GrantCardone: Buying Apartments (Part 2) – Cardone Zone – #WhateverItTakesNetwork”

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    Mr. Cardone, I just watched this episode for the 2nd time – love it and looking at property tomorrow.  One question – in the figures you calculate on the show you factor interest on the loan amount, but what about paying down the principal – wouldn’t that be a big factor in the viability of the purchase?

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    As you say, the point of real estate is the preservation of money. So, when going into a deal does one want to put as much money down as they can?

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    AndrewLacayo Grant mentionned putting at least 1/4th as down, and has shown an example of him putting 1/3rd down. If you think of putting more money, perhaps you could look at another deal, and make money work for you!

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    LeeBourgoin Thanks, that helps a ton!

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    AndrewLacayo Look at your cash on cash return when leveraging….

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    I remember in a past show grant saying he stays away from college towns because they’re bound to go BUST

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    This is great. I’m learning something I never thought I’d have interest in. For people like me who have up until now been clueless- what happens next? So you have loan on the bank and possibly from a guy like Brooks. You start paying this back next month? So the idea is (assuming) to buy where a lot of people are presently renting so you are making money in return right away, yeah? Just trying to picture life “after the deal”.

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    Buying apartments – Part 3?

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    Grant the 2 units that you showed in Savanna GA, the bottom unit had bars on the window, and the grass looks a bit over grown, that observatory data is telling me something right there. Follow [email protected]

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    Miriam, I  bought the land and now about on selling process in Houston Texas and Baytown Taxes. I need connection to how I  can sale 20% BMV

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