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The Fast Way to The Top: Assuming The Beingness

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Here are a few tips from Tom Alston on how to assume a beingness to not only be effective at anything you are going to do, but how to make it to a top position in any organization you want to be a part of. Here is his story and successful actions at making it in the business world. Tom is the CEO and founder of Aero and Marine Tax Professionals, the preeminent experts in California Sales and Use Tax when it comes to buying aircraft and vessels. Aero & Marine Tax Professionals pride themselves in having a perfect record of success. Every one of their over 1,400 clients has saved thousands or even hundreds of thousands on their aircraft or vessel purchases. Part of their success stems from researching decades of decisions and recommendations by the California Board of Equalization (BOE). From this research and learning every possible way someone could avoid paying sales and and use tax, they created a full-proof checklist. They apply 100% of the points of that checklist to every one of their customers. As a result, there isn’t any way for a client to fail to win their exemption. Visit Aero and Marine Tax Professionals on the web at: * Resources * Website: Call Tom at: (916) 691-9192 Google+:… Facebook: Twitter: