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Family & Prosperity

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Today Grant and Elena Cardone talk about the meaning of prosperity on the G and E Show.

How do you make your family and your business work, and how can you make everything propser? Ask yourself what your assets are. Write a list of assets in your life.

If you don’t know, nobody knows. If you don’t pay attention to your assets, you will have liabilities. Use it or lose it. Have goals with your family and get on the same page. You want to flourish in everything, not just a few things. Sit down with your spouse and talk about what prosperity means to you—and them.

Where are you going?

Where you’ve been doesn’t matter, keep looking to the future. Don’t live below your potential. Perfect won’t keep you from prosperity, commitment will. Why should a family be broke?

Why not have prosperity when we live on a planet so full of resources? Talk with your family today about prosperity and what it means so you get on the same page.

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