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Family and Finance

In this Show

Grant and Elena Cardone talk family and finances on the G and E Show. Why do so many families have trouble with finances? If you can’t talk about it, it’s going to be a problem. There are three doors you can choose:

Door #1: Be Broke
Door #2: Settle
Door #3: Get Rich

Only door 3 will provide you with any freedom and security. People are shocked when a terrorist attack happens because they have the fantasy that there is no evil. People are shocked when bad things happen, they think they are fine but they are at risk. If you have just enough you need to start hustling. People underestimate what it costs to have kids. Here are the facts:

*Average family, has 3,800 in bank
*Average house worth is $160,000
*Average family owes $100K on the house
*50% of all families have no money for retirement
*Other 50% have an average 35,000 in retirement
*It’s 245K to raise a kid to 18 right now.

Mommy and daddy taught you to have just enough. You need to get rich and someone in your household has to control the football—the money ball. There are only two reasons you aren’t in door #3 right now, either you don’t care or aren’t being held accountable. Those same two reasons are why vets in this country have to wait an average wait time of 112 days to get in at the VA. There are no excuses for wait times that long—either they don’t care or they’re not being held accountable. Join me in a petition to fire Robert A. McDonald as Secretary of the VA for suggesting American Veterans waiting for treatment is like people waiting in line at Disney Land. Help me put pressure on the people that nominated McDonald to hold him accountable. Then, if they refuse to hold him accountable we know they don’t care. As Memorial Day approaches, let’s do something together that can make a difference for those vets still living. Sign here:

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